Tips on Dealing with Loneliness for Men

The Global Corona virus pandemic and the subsequent lock-down in many countries world-wide, has increased loneliness to drastic levels which we have never experienced before in this lifetime. The Pandemic has led to enforced separation between families as a means of controlling the spread of virus — leaving many vulnerable people and elderly to feel alone and isolated. The pandemic has left many school children feeling a sense of loneliness and separation from their friends as schools were forced to close for safety reasons. At the same time, we watched the news with disbelief of families stranded overseas from their loved ones back home as all flights were terminated. The pandemic has left a number of people reeling from shock, despair and confusion of confinement, separation, detachment and abandonment.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, isolation is the condition of being alone especially when this makes you feel unhappy. Isolation is also the condition of being separated from other people, towns and countries. However, there is a tendency to confuse the concept of isolation and loneliness. Loneliness is based on the feeling of sadness and unhappiness when you are alone or without companions.

I have targeted this blog for men simply for the reason that men are at high risk of suicide compared to women according to the latest data from the Office of National Statistics. Loneliness is one of the key triggers for suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety in men. As a suicide prevention advocate for men, it is important that we stay alert and safe (from social distancing) and support men struggling with suicidal thoughts due to intense loneliness.

Friend, if you are dealing with loneliness, the first key step is to admit the problem. I personally believe that there is an element stigma around loneliness. For many people, admitting that they are lonely is like admitting that they are social misfits, unattractive or unable to relate to others. The truth is everyone feel lonely at times. The first steps towards recovery is to admit the loneliness, acknowledge that it is painful and decide to do something about its causes.

The second key step is to challenge negative self-talk by encouraging yourself. King David in the Old Testament encouraged himself in the Lord in 1 Samuel Chapter 30 vs 6. He was greatly distressed and lonely because the general public were planning to stone him. King David overcame negative thoughts by building himself up emotionally and thinking about his achievements and the positives in his life. It is all too easy when we are alone, to silently convince ourselves that we are unattractive, incompetent or disliked by others. There are times we may compare ourselves to other people, who are more successful and popular, which lead us to a downward spiral of feeling inferior. List five ways that you can encourage yourself in the midst of loneliness and isolation. I would like to remind you that you are loved and valuable in God’s sight. You are a mighty warrior, a conqueror and an over comer. You are accepted. You are a person of significance. Your loneliness will not last forever.




Founder of Men Choosing Safety, Psychotherapist, Blogger, Author and Suicide Prevention Advocate. Bringing hope to the everyday man https://colossal-writer-358

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Joana G - Men Choosing Safety

Joana G - Men Choosing Safety

Founder of Men Choosing Safety, Psychotherapist, Blogger, Author and Suicide Prevention Advocate. Bringing hope to the everyday man https://colossal-writer-358

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